Litepak Face Masks: A Positive Review

Litepak Face Masks

Litepak: Worth Every Penny

Rather than inundate you with a lengthy, unnecessary story about my personal history and experience with face masks since the start of the pandemic. Just about everyone fancies themselves a face mask aficionado nowadays, so I figure mask reviews are a more ideal option than mask stories.

As of writing this on 10/16/21, I am thrilled with Litepak Premium Disposable Face Masks. In fact, I’ve got 28 boxes in yellow, and another 15 boxes of the jet black style. Color aside, most of us know that the Polypropylene filtering, or melt-blown layer, is the secret behind proper filtering of a face mask.

How do Litepak masks (by 21Supply) stand up to others? For starters, the metal nose clip is strong and firm. Once you fit it around your nose and cheeks, that metal bar stays in place, a good thing because physicians suggest that you don’t touch the mask, if you can help it, though I find a quick double-check of your mask’s fit doesn’t hurt. The next pro about these masks are their overall fit—no gaps or openings anywhere on the face, though I’ll admit, my head is bigger than some.

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